Knotty girl


Looks like rocket science, no?

There are 23 pattern pieces in this garment jigsaw puzzle which I drafted by myself. The knotted design on the bodice of this two-piece dress was inspired by a Japanese Pattern Magician. I don’t own any of the books, but Carolyn’s version motivated me to figure out the architecture.

There are 8 panels in the front bodice that flow upwards into a knotted mass at the centre.  The structure of the bodice can best be described as a ‘blouse with 4 sets of pussy bows’ all tied and retied with one another as tidily as possible.

Pattern magic knots

I modified the bodice sloper by  first transferring the bust dart from the shoulder to the neck, and then cutting a princess style-line which combined the neckline bust dart and the waist dart.  The princess style-line created the panel just next to the Centre Front (CF) line.

For the skirt, I wanted something form-fitting and so I decided to draft a pencil skirt with a faux hip pocket detail.  I deliberately sewed the skirt front piece without visible darts, by transferring the waist darts to the side seams because I did not want any visual interference with the panels on the bodice, so as to achieve a clean finish.

For the fabric, I wanted something opaque thus not requiring lining and so I selected a one-way stretch cotton chino twill in the most delicious shade of red.

Pattern magic knots dress

I really enjoyed making this dress and I enjoy the “oohs & aahs” whenever I wear it even more 🙂



    1. lol, I am not even going to pretend that this didn’t test my patience, it was a lesson in perseverance because I almost gave up. My curiosity kept me going.

      The structure of the bodice can best be described as a ‘top with 4 sets of pussy bows’, knotting the 8 strips into a tidy, aesthetically-pleasing mass is where the bulk of the work lies.

      I am working on putting up a tutorial page that will explain the sewing process for my projects 🙂


    1. Thanks dear. Yes o.

      Cutting patterns is quite interesting, in the sense that you become a little giddy with anticipation of what the completed garment will eventually look like.


    1. LOL

      Lizzie, I hope your toasting skills are superb because I doubt if “she” will follow you home. This red-head strikes me as the sort of girl who’d demand for an iPhone 6 (no less) and whatnot before she even smiles at you.

      I will do my utmost best to plead your case *insert one fist pump*.


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