Graceful lace, Laceful grace

If I had to rank fabrics in order of their romance factor, I would place lace at the top of the class,  picture Kate Middleton in that heavenly Alexander McQueen wedding dress, *back of wrist against forehead-swoon*.

My work wear primarily consists of chiffon blouses and pencil skirts à la Bree Van De Kamp, my favorite Desperate Housewife (TV series);  a very graceful character both in her mannerisms and style.  I was rather fascinated by her psychotic obsession with perfection.

Front and back view

Pencil skirts whisper sweet nothings to a lady’s hips *blush+simper*. 😉

So, I made this skirt from a self drafted pattern, using a combination of soft lace (outer shell) and heavy-ish crepe (inner shell), which in retrospect was a mistake,  a lighter underlining fabric may  have been preferable as the crepe lends the skirt a rather weighty feel, which is not necessarily a bad thing (if you do not plan to hand wash EVERRR).

I am a big fan of waist bands as they cinch the waist in slightly, plus I realize that band-less skirts do not flatter my figure at all.  I sewed a short kick pleat at the back instead of an open vent and attached an invisible zip to achieve a seemingly seamless (nice rhyme, Mrs. Shakespeare) flow of the lace pattern.

Now you see me, Now you don't

“Now you see me, Now you don’t”

Lace and crepe fabrics

Lace and crepe fabrics


I used the lace fabric selvage/selvedge  as a hem, but for the crepe fabric (on the inside) I used a bias tape to hem.

All that’s missing is flaming red hair 🙂



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  1. Lovely skirt and its suits your figure.
    I find my body shape works better with pleated skirts. It hides the side effects of too many pies! not that I eat pies anyway. But pleats for me reigns supreme in my wardrobe. I can wear them to work and wear them casually. Maybe I should try a pencil skirt someday and see how I feel. I’ll keep you posted. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!

      Lol, I love the silhouette of full skirts too, I also like how they can be dressed up or down.

      On the other hand, I find that there’s a certain glide in my stride when I’m wearing a pencil skirt. I’m sure you’ll love it, let me know how it goes 😀


  2. Wow Nedoux, you’ve been busy! This skirt is fantastic, I agree with you, pencil skirts are the best! Your use of the lace is beautiful and I’m sure that inserting an invisible zip in this wasn’t easy. Like the styling with the blouse. I’m well impressed! J

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear.

      You really can’t go wrong with a lace and pencil skirt combo.

      Ah! invisible zip drama, I was extremely careful though, I didn’t want to risk having to detach and attach the zip, which can be so annoying, lol


    1. That’s such a “resplendent” thing to say, and yes, I stole that exquisite word from your amazing blog (sue me) lol 🙂

      Thank you so much dear.


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