Unwrap me gently

I’ve been so zen and floating around my happy place this 4-day weekend *insert the rather strenuous feat of simultaneously batting eyelashes and sticking out tongue at Third Mainland Bridge Traffic*.  I watched “October 1” this afternoon, a well-produced movie with very beautiful cinematography and an engaging storyline. The feem is sweet!!!

So, wrap skirts are rather nice,  the structure can simply be described as “a skirt and a half “.

“1.5 skirts please”

I sewed this using a self-drafted pattern and created a curved hem line for a tulip effect. For  the shell, I used a cotton ankara (wax print) fabric and I lined it with pre-washed (ok, I’m lying, should-have-been pre-washed) lightweight calico fabric.  Skirt is held in place by 2 buttons, one visible on the waist band and the other concealed on the inside.

Shell and lining fabrics

Shell and lining fabrics

The outside button is gold-coloured plastic with an anchor design, you know how some RTW (ready to wear) clothing have extra buttons in a small clear sachet attached to the tag, well that’s how I obtained this “cute as a button” button (and yes, if there’s a pun in there, it was intentionally intended).


Pirate chic

Pirate chic


Ever heard the joke about a windy day and a flowy wrap skirt (and barely-there underwear)? *gasp*

We should wonder how people perceive us when they finally look through our seemingly cheerful demeanor and unwrap the gold-colored paper of our façade, to reveal what truly lies underneath…




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