PETA would approve!

On this particular trip to Accra, I purchased this Woodin fabric because I liked the firm texture, arty print and “set fire to the rain” shade of red (yes, I like Adele).

On this particular trip to Tejuosho market, I purchased this faux leather fabric because I liked how it felt both soft and durable at the same time.  The ‘board-room’ bargaining that followed the declared like of said fabric and preceded the exchange of money for said fabric is a story for another day, but I was very pleased with myself  *Donald Trump smirk*. 😀

Woodin fabric and Faux leather

Woodin fabric and Faux leather

So, I sewed a one-piece shift dress using a pattern that is simply a vertical extension of my tried and tested self-drafted bodice pattern, I added some ease to the side seams and left out the waist darts for extra wearing ease.



Close up of sleeve

Because of the busy-ness of the print, I opted to use the black faux leather for the sleeves to achieve some contrast. I attached a 24-inch zip at the back of the dress, I find that the longer the zip, the easier it is to step into the dress which sometimes saves me the hassle of slipping the dress over my head and messing up my hair or make-up.  It’s an easy-peasy outfit which was really simple to sew.IMG_2893

I saw ‘Yoruba Romance’ at Terra Kulture this afternoon; a rib-cracking, thigh-thumping delight. I truly enjoy the “realness” of theatre productions and sometimes wonder if the actors in a live performance improvise if they forget their lines.

I also wonder how loud the collective gasps would be if a female actor fell flat on her face on the stage (or off it) while tottering on sky high heels.

Do you wonder too? 🙂




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    1. Hello Kunmi,

      Thank you for coming by. I like the print too, that shade of red is really stunning.

      I am always happy to meet a fellow sewista, I am off to visit your blog.

      Have a nice week!


  1. You went to my country!!! Ugh I miss Ghana so much! My grandmother got me some Woodin fabric when she came to visit us. Still trying to figure out what I want to have made.


    1. Awww, I really enjoyed myself in Accra, went back home feeling refreshed.
      Woodin is such a lush fabric, make something really nice and when you do, please write about it 🙂


  2. I love this outfit. Great print. Lol @boardroom bargaining in the market. Those traders seriously test your negotiation skills for real lol. Just curious, did you use a special needle for the sleeves?

    Ps: Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad to have found yours too. Love it! Loads of inspiration


    1. Dear Onyee,

      I read all your comments with a massive grin on my face, thank you so much for taking out time to look through my blog 🙂

      I actually used a regular straight size 16 needle to sew the sleeves. I purposely used my manual machine and not my electric because I wanted to control the speed and ensure that the stitches fell precisely along my marked sewing line, I knew that unraveling wonky stitches would have left tell-tale indentations on the faux leather.


  3. I love that print, it’s so cool. In my head I’ve already figured one or two things I could make with with. 🙂 The way you added the leather to the sleeves is very simple and at the same time chic.
    I haven’t worked on leather before but may be very soon I’ll try.


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