Month: June 2015

Chronicles of the Ripper

My thoughts on Ideadibia’s “Failure” inspired this post.

Yes, Failure hurts, it sucks, it flogs one’s self-esteem, it brings up irrational feelings of shame.

It makes you wonder at those who forever glide through life under the constantly poofy cloud of Success. Those lucky people seemingly unscathed by Failure, perpetually basking in a lifetime of good fortune. They even appear to be quite amused with a World which they are convinced will never scratch them.

The laughable rhetorical questions that dance in your head, “Does God have favourites?” 😀

Seam ripper

Seam ripper | Source: Google images

Rather remarkably, Failure makes you more appreciative of Success. The gratitude from finally (more…)

Private Jets and whatnot

So, someone I know gave me gist of her conversation with a someone she knows, and it went thus:

My someone: I am traveling tomorrow o

Her someone: PJ ?

My someone: *blank confused stare*

Her someone: (ever so casually) Private Jet

My someone: (amused laugh) ah no, commercial

Who’d have thought that private jets would become so mainstream in certain circles, considering the harsh economic realities in Nigeria (ignore the gasp-inducing outlier that is the senators’ salaries)?.

Perhaps, it provides room for the less fortunate to be inspired and to aspire to be whatever it is that affords one the PJ life, but the wide income gap is rather disheartening.


My “must-not -blink” face

Well, I made a lovely new dress and I flew commercial with Burda Air :-D.  It was my first time (more…)