Cut and Paste

It’s amusing to observe that there are those who wish they could cut and paste preferred features or attributes from here and there to produce their desired perfect spouse.



They’d take Miss A’s awesome personality, add:  Miss B’s shapely apple butt, Miss C’s spirituality, Miss D’s intellect, Miss E’s life-of-the-party vibe, Miss F’s perky DD breasts, Miss G’s inspiring zest for adventure, Miss H’s beautiful smile, Miss I’s alluring sing-song voice, Miss J’s silky hair, Miss K’s morality minus any sanctimoniousness, and so on and so forth.

 The fantastically ideal creation that would eventually emerge, whom I’ve aptly christened “Miss Z  raised to power infinity“, would make Victor Frankenstein green with envy. 😀

Anyway, being able to sew is rather nice, I felt a little powerful the day my mum begged me to replace the broken zip on her dress, *smirk* lol.  Plus, you can easily tweak garments to suit your changing style.

IMG_3174 - Version 2

“Hello, my name is  Z ∞, I come from planet Utopia “.

Take for example, this red chiffon dress I bought a few years ago from Forever 21 (one of my favorite high street stores).  At the time, I was in an “I love all little dresses” phase, which has now waned somewhat.  But then again, I suppose that one’s hemline grows longer as one grows older, indeed, one really cannot be forever 21, abi ? (I insist there’s an intended pun in there) 😉

So what to do?

  • I whipped out said beloved little dress
  • Whipped out tape rule
  • Whipped out “cut and paste” fabric, in this case, a yard of Woodin ankara that my mum dashed me from her 6 yards
  • Measured the inches till desired new hemline
  • Cut a horizontal panel with the required inches from the Woodin
  • Attached the panel to the dress
  • Attached lace hem tape to the hemline edge, (I love how pretty it looks) and blind stitched
Woodin print

Woodin print

I was happy that the red print on the Woodin fabric closely matched the brick red shade of the dress. The So Chic collection is printastic!

Attached Hem

Sew time | Attached panel | Lace hem tape

Before and After

Before and After

…and viola! new-ish dress.

So, are there items in your closet that could benefit from a good old ‘cut and paste’? Shop in your own closet! 🙂




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  1. Me i dunno about Sewing eh! But that smile faaaa.. Choiiii! **Cleans Face in Disbelieve of just seeing the picture of an Angel ** It can Raise 10 Lazarus’ from the dead at just one glance.. Choi!!! Slay Nedu Slaaaayyy!!!!!

    P.S: Red Definitely looks good on you Bubba! Choi!!! FaINeee geh toh Sure.. iTrip eh!!! inshort iFall join 🙂

    Blessings and yeah.. Hello from the colder side.. 🙂 Its -2 today.. 🙂

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  2. This is a lovely dress! There are loads of items in my closet that need some extra inches. I find myself wondering if I have grown taller because there’s no way the now tops in my closet were once worn as dresses lol.


    1. Dresses that transformed into tops when you weren’t looking. XD

      Thank you, I really like the Woodin print, it doesnt look overly ankara-ish, but still looks ankara-ish enough.


  3. There have been soooo many times I’ve wanted to Cut and Paste when it comes to clothes, but sadly as my Textiles teacher once said, ‘Sewing is not my forte’. Its a shame coz what you did above is fab and cost effective, not only do you get a new dress,but it has a bit of ‘you’ in it as well. I love the idea of block crimson red and then a colourful printed hem!

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    1. Dear Fashion S\ash life, you seem to avidly learn to sew. I think if you want to badly enough, you should shove your teacher’s report and learn anyway.
      Your former teacher is not the boss of you! 😉

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  4. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! We gotta be besties now!!! Heck yeah!!! I totally had my sister do this for a couple of my dresses too!!! In my case, I couldnt even wear the dresses before without wearing panty hose or leggings. I decided I was tired of looking like a doll (in thights) and bought fabrics with complimenting patterns to paste on them. My problem though, was that in one case, I pasted a patterned chiffon on a plain chiffon dress and maybe because of the joining, it is not coming loose…. like the threads are disintegrating. I am not daunted sha! #WeTriumphStill

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    1. Lol, I totally understand the “leggings situation”.

      For easily frayed fabrics like chiffon, you’d need to lock in the edges. A simple way of doing this is to fold twice and sew.

      Haha! Indeed, we triumph still. 😀


    1. Hello Uju,

      Your comment really cracked me up XD

      Sewing is quite nice, one can “play God” with the pieces in their wardrobe, lol

      Thank you for visiting.


  5. Definitely fashionable. I’m cutting patterns out for various types of clothing and some days I feel so silly, like I need to know this stuff by now! By the way, expert or almost expert home sewists like you increase the jealousy. But I’m definitely inspired. Maybe even enough to show some of my “work” on my blog soon. Sewing is great, when you know what you’re doing. And i definitely agree with the case study only I’d like to add, women do it too.
    By the way, what do you do with your scraps of fabric? And when can I borrow some? 😞😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear.

      I am inspired by your drive to “know this stuff”. I sincerely look forward to seeing your work. Yes, sewing is great!

      Oh yes, I’m certain that women do the “cut & paste” even more, penning down fantasies on mental checklists- Tall, Dark, Handsome, Rich etc. 😀

      Ah! My scraps are really scrappish, raggedy leftovers that are sitting unhappily in one plastic bag like that, lol


      1. Well I’ve been toying with the idea of making a patchwork skirt/shirt. The logistics are up in the air right now but I’m confident that I’ll get to it soon.

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  6. Isn’t this adorable? Chai! See talent… See skills ooo. Infact i love the new-ish dress than the previous. Damn…. You nailed it.

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  7. Hello Nedoux
    I really like this refashion.
    You’ve complimented the weight of the main fabric beautifully
    You look all round great!
    PS. How can I follow you via Bloglovin?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Missy,

      Thank you so much for stopping by 😀

      My blog is listed on Bloglovin, so you can follow. WordPress does not allow the button to be displayed on my page. You could also follow by email.



  8. Looking at the after picture, I never would have known it was a cut n paste. Why again can’t I sow? You did a great job. Am green with envy 🙂

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    1. Hello Idee,

      I know, right? 😀 , I was very pleased with the outcome of this refashioning project.

      Lol, I have turned red from blushing at your sweet compliment.

      Thank you so much.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Miss G raised to power 3 :-),

      Your comment made me laugh.

      You could invest in a small, inexpensive sewing machine, I’ve seen a few on jumia/konga. It would also be useful for mending bits and pieces.

      Or simply give it to your tailor, every Nigerian lady has one, or two, or even three tailors, on speed dial (Hello, #aso-ebi bella), Lol.

      Have a super week!

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