A Legit Epiphany

Timi Yeseibo arranges her words gracefully and with well thought-out precision that leaves readers satisfied as though they ate a meal of well-prepared Isi Ewu and Nkwobi washed down with an ice-cold bottle of Maltina.

With each paragraph read, one would either shake their head quickly in agreement as if to say “Eh-hen” or slowly with the clarity that new perspective brings as if to say Eh-hen”.

So, when she asked me to contribute to her Shifting Gears series, I was thrilled. Soon after, a tinge of fright replaced my excitement – What would I even write about?

She wanted me to write a piece that would shine. She wasn’t going to settle for less and didn’t want me to settle for less either. With each draft, Timi gently pushed me to smooth the edges, sharing some of her glitter with me. I learned that it is better to be better.

I wrote about a paradigm shift; a heartfelt personal story.  I’d sincerely appreciate it if you clicked and read about it here A Leggy Affair.

2015 was the year that I remembered not to forget why I loved writing in the first place, you all kept sprinkling delightful comments over my posts, motivating me to improve my content.

Generously, you sprayed me with your kindness currency and with each note plastered to my sweaty forehead, I dipped my waist lower, wriggled my hips like a Fela dancer and gyrated to my heart’s content.

Thank you! 🙂