Traditionally woven

Unwrinkle your nose, shit is perfectly edible and might be eaten at some point.

The choice of how to eat it is what’s more important you see, for though it is well known that shit can simply be eaten with one’s bare unwashed hands, shit can also be eaten properly with a fork and knife. Even with chopsticks, for the more adventurous.

Yes, some sit down to devour the pungent faecal mass with such polished table manners, one would imagine it were a three course meal at a cordon bleu restaurant, with the stinky shit artfully plated on fine china, silverware laid atop folded napkins, steamed hand towels and fine linen tablecloth.

The housemaid is pregnant.  ‘But that’s how men are, they are all like that’.  Resigned acceptance or perhaps aloof indifference.

So, with a knife she cuts into the sizzling shit and guides the fork into her mouth, then washes it down with diarrhoeic champagne bubbling with a most peculiar breed of shame; the sort that another’s embarrassment imposes on one.

‘What would people say?’ To the casual observer, she’s relishing her feast. To herself, with no small measure of compromise, she says Hmm this isn’t half as bad as it appears, in fact it leaves a sweet tangy after-taste if I push it to the back of my throat then swallow quickly without chewing.  An acquired taste of sorts.

Sewing Asooke 1

In defining shit, need anyone be reminded of the fact that it decomposes? When exposed in the open, it breaks down till all that remains is grains of dirt that eventually blend with the earth.

If the nature of one thing mirrors the very nature of another thing then surely they are one and the same thing, no? Lies are quite shit-like. After exposure, a lie disintegrates until all that’s left is the dirty grains of deception.

Alas there is hope! The decomposition process of a shit-ish lie can be halted with the organic preservative known as tradition.

Unsavoury behaviour by both males and females that’s been long accommodated can become confused for tradition. Some falsehoods slyly conceal themselves in this familiarity that tradition allows us to indulge in, until they become convenient excuses for bad habits and regretful choices.

It is for this same reason that politicians are passively indulged. ‘Politics is a dirty game, they are all like that’. Now, “Honest politician” almost resembles an oxymoron.  Does infidelity somewhat enjoy similar privileges?

‘It is their nature, men are all like that’. When a lie has travelled for many miles across the universe, footsteps imprinted over the sands of time, does it gradually drop every facet of falseness as it staggers along until it begins to resemble the truth?

Someone asked me what I’d do if I discovered that my spouse was cheating.  This was my honest answer- Today, I do not know because there are lessons that only experience can teach one, some things are better imagined.

However, I do know one thing, regardless of how I choose to eat my share of shit, whether crudely with my hands or daintily with cutlery or perhaps not even at all, I will not hold washed hands with anyone else and recite lies woven on traditional looms. They are not all like that.

Sewing Aso-Oke 1

Anyway,  tradition is deeply woven into the yarns of Aso-oke fabric, and I like that.  I was searching my mother’s clothes when I found this deep powder blue silk aso-oke  gele, I asked nicely and she gifted it to me.

Sewing Asooke 2

The architecture of the dress is a satin bustier bodice, with an organza overlay and an aso-oke pencil skirt.

Sewing Aso-oke Satin and Organza 2

Using my self drafted basic bodice block, I drafted a classic princess style-line using the shoulder bust dart and the waist dart. Then did a bust tightening adjustment to remove ease in that area so that it would fit snugly.

How to draft a bustier pattern princess seams 4

Modified bodice pattern

How to draft a bustier pattern princess seams 5

Bustier pattern – Princess seam panels

How to draft a bustier pattern princess seams 6b

Hand-basted bustier shell

I also sewed plastic boning within the panelled seams of the lining to give the bustier support. Fusible wadding was also attached to the lining to give the bustier  structure.

How to draft a bustier pattern princess seams 7

Boned bustier lining

How to draft a bustier pattern princess seams 8

The overlay pattern was drafted by modifying my basic bodice pattern into a short sleeve kimono.

Overlay pattern

Organza is my second favourite fabric, right after lace, it has such a dreamy quality to it. Due to its slippery nature, I used the paper-stitch method to trace the pattern onto the fabric by first sewing the pattern paper onto the fabric, then ripping it off, leaving the thread as a sewing guide.

Bustier plus organza overlay 1a

Fitting the overlay and the bustier

I lowered the waistline of the overlay by two inches. When attached to the bustier at the waist, the effect of this is a blousy silhouette.

One layer of organza was used for the overlay bodice, with a round neckline and two layers of organza for the sleeves, with an inverted pleated peplum sleeve hem.  The sleeve hem was  finished with a narrow double-fold hemming.

Sewing Asooke 3

The overlay seams were wrapped with bias tape, and at the neckline this served the dual function of finishing and embellishment, I allowed it to extend by 30 inches.  The CB lines of the organza overlay were doubly folded and edge-stitched, then left to hang freely, not attached to the invisible zipper.

Asooke dress back 1

Asooke dress lining 1

I planned the pattern placement such that the fringed edge of the aso-oke was positioned at the skirt hem, the silky tassels add swishy spice to the garment.

Asooke skirt hem

The fabric had considerable loft so I chose not to line it. I should mention that aso-oke frays badly when cut on the straight grain but not so much on the cross grain. So,  I secured the seams by wrapping with bias tape.

Asoebi Finishing 4Aso-oke finishing 3

One golden tip is to first sew down the tape before cutting the excess seam allowance off and then flip over the tape and sew again.

Asooke dress waist stay

Fuschia one inch grosgrain ribbon was stitched as a waist stay, this acts as an internal stabiliser by anchoring the dress at the waist. It’s a rather nice haute couture detail.

Asooke dress lining 2

The aso-oke was actually customised for aso-ebi and has a floral print on the reverse side, which made the insides of the dress look even more beautiful than the outside.

Asooke dress back 2

This was an elaborate dress and I thoroughly enjoyed the sewing process. I like the idea of mixing traditional beliefs with a bit of transparent reality, quite like my aso-oke and organza fusion. 🙂







  1. Such a beautiful piece( the dress and writing) . Fell in love with the dress on instagram, now I am reading the article. Bliss…more grease
    Oh, how she writes
    Oh, how you write

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    1. Hi Tosin,

      Thank you so much for reading this.

      Lol @ “Oh, how she writes”, for some reason I read it out in a sing-song voice. XD

      PS: I’m sincerely sorry for not responding sooner, I’ve been away from the blog.

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  2. That you would give a detailed (step by step)explanation of how you made this is pure genius!i also love the story woven into the write up…you are really great at this Nedoux and I do feel proud to know you!:-D(I came late to this party,I know!LOL)

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    1. Hi dear,

      Thank you so much for always being so supportive, I really appreciate your kind words. You are a fantastic dressmaker! 🙂

      PS: I’m sincerely sorry for not responding sooner, I’ve been away from the blog.

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  3. How you write constantly amazes me. I agree with every point you made here, I really can’t add even an alphabet. Plus you somehow made shit sound appetizing… How do you do that? Every time I read you, in my head I’m nodding and saying in Igbo, “Nwanyi a ma ezigbo ihe”. Keep blessing the world with your gift, Nedu.

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    1. Hi Chibugo,

      You are so generous with compliments, thank you so much for putting a smile on my face. 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading this. God bless you!

      PS: I’m sincerely sorry for not responding sooner, I’ve been away from the blog.

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  4. Wow, I don’t know what I love the most, the writing or the sewing. My face was in a grimace while reading this like I could literally taste the shit. Funny how I never saw this post until now. You’re super talented ma’am, I wish you would write a book, both on these your mind-boggling topics and eye-popping sewing. I see you rising to international acclaim. All the best!!!

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    1. Hi Oyindamola,

      I sincerely appreciate your kind compliment, it really means a lot to me.

      Ah, now you’ve planted this book idea in my head, thank you! 🙂

      Warm regards & best wishes!


    1. Hi Cherish,

      Lol… shit is quite nasty both literally and figuratively. 😀

      Thank you so much for reading this piece, and for your kind compliment. The aso-oke dress is currently my favourite dress.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Pattern drafting is so much fun, quite like a jigsaw puzzle. Once you learn the ropes, the possibilities are endless as far as designing is concerned. 😀


  5. I just love this look!! The color, fabric and style of choice is just perfect! Nedu, come teach me to sew. Ha 🙂

    Most of the fabrics I’ve used while learning to sew has been given to me by my mom. Our mothers seem to have endless amount of fabric that can be handed down with ease. Thank God for mothers!

    You have your own clothing tag; I like that!

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    1. Hi Seun,

      Comments like yours inspire me to do better, thank you so much. You are doing so well too. 🙂

      Yes, thank God for mothers, those wonderful women are a great source of quality fabric and love.

      Ah, you noticed the tags. I thought it would add a professional touch to my sewing projects and also motivate me towards making the transition to commercial dressmaking.

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  6. That dress!!! #Amazeballs
    You ALWAYS nail it, Nedu. ♡♡♡♡♡

    You ought to set up a writing club too. You are wayyy up! 🙂

    How have you been? So many good things happening my way. Shall share soon. :*

    I shall send you a mail tomorrow.

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    1. Hi Lady,

      Lol @ “Amazeballs”

      I’m so glad to hear that, onwards and upwards!

      Thank you so much for stopping by, have a happy weekend. 🙂


  7. Shit. True, all men are not like that. I think saying that just makes the betrayal bearable and enables the hurt one to survive the psychological trauma. Shit happens. It’s the choice of who dishes the shit and who receives it to decide how they will handle the steam from it.

    That dress is absolutely stunning. Very Afrocentric. Love the juxtaposition of Western and African.

    My Small World

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    1. Hi Inez,

      Indeed, they aren’t. Otherwise, one might as well skip the ceremonious marital vows at the altar and simply just get on with it.

      You’ve raised a profound point, I guess the generalization serves as a coping mechanism. Yes, shit does happen. Lol

      Ah, you’ve attached a rather beautiful theme to the dress, thank you so much. 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend.


    1. Hi Stacy,

      Thank you so much for visiting from Burdastyle. Both the fringe and the sheer overlay are my favourite bits of this dress. 🙂

      I’ll definitely check out your blog.

      Warm regards.


  8. You have such a wonderful way with words! Now onto the outfit and sewing. Your patience, knowledge and skill amaze me more and more with every project. Nedoux, you’re talented beyond belief. You and your talents are so inspiring.

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    1. Hi Timeka,

      I sincerely appreciate your kind words, you are so supportive and it means a lot to me. 🙂

      Ah, we both know that sewing is back-breaking, head-scratching, eye-aching and finger-numbing, but it’s worthwhile in the end. Lol

      Best wishes dear.

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    1. Hi Preye,

      Amen, and may our paths not be littered with other people’s shit too. 😀

      Lol @ ‘speaking things to me’. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Have a happy rest-of-the week!


  9. Singing ‘You’ve got a way with words….lol. This post reminds me of that post where you were actually talking about ‘gas’ Funny, ridiculous but still sane.

    I loved this..”I will not hold washed hands with anyone else and recite lies woven on traditional looms. They are not all like that.”

    And that is a beautiful dress by the way. Your dresses look so effortlessly beautiful as your words when you pen them down. It was when I read your article on BN I realised your full name was Chinedu. It’s such a beautiful name and suits you perfectly though I would like to know the meaning but I know it has to do with God.

    Keep being lovely. 🙂 xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind compliment. 🙂

      Ah, “Effortlessly”, I wish I could shake my head and smile gracefully in agreement, but my long suffering fingers won’t let me. Lol. It’s quite a bit of work, but always worthwhile.

      Chinedu – Chi na e du – God leads me. I’m truly grateful for my name, it’s meaning has been proven countless times in my life.

      God bless you my dear!

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    1. Hi Taiwo,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words.

      I agree with you, that fringe will definitely add swag to my stride. 😀

      Sounds great, I’ll be sure to put up a notice regarding the next sewing workshop.

      Have a happy new week!


  10. “However, I do know one thing, regardless of how I choose to eat my share of shit, whether crudely with my hands or daintily with cutlery or perhaps not even at all, I will not hold washed hands with anyone else and recite lies woven on traditional looms. They are not all like that.”

    This is the icing on the cake of shit. It just crowned it perfect.

    Anyway, we all have our plates of shit and as you have rightly said, how we eat them as our individual business. But still no one should smear his or her shit on another, because nobody has the monopoly of shit.

    PS: You just made shit so appetizing.

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    1. Hi Mr. X43,

      Lol… I agree with you, no one should smear their own share of shit on others, because after all said and done, to each their own.

      Thank you so much for reading, I enjoyed reading your point of view

      Have a great weekend.

      PS: Ah, I should open a buka called – “Shit Cuisine”, I’d make so much money, I’d be stinking rich (pun intended). XD

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    1. Thank you so much, I’m really glad it turned out nicely. 🙂

      Indeed, daily more unmentionables are added to the list. :

      Lol… shit does make sense sometimes.

      Have a super happy weekend!

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  11. I might have been holding my breath as I read this, I tried not visualise the graphic nature of someone casually eating, you know what with all the aplomb of someone dining on a gourmet meal complete with the ..erm wine….. clearly I failed to stop myself from imagining because my imagination is a bit on the wild side……

    So true though you never know how much shit you end up putting up with or eat, its easy to judge when your life is going all peaches and cream, and sometimes experience is such a cruel teacher….

    PS I heart the dress

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    1. Hey B,

      Awww, I find the lies used to excuse infidelity quite shitty, hence the comparison. I have a very vivid imagination too. XD

      Indeed, one never knows what they’d have to put up with as they stand on the stage called Life. Yes, experience really is a cruel teacher, teaching harsh lessons.

      I heart the dress too! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your insightful thoughts.

      Best wishes for the rest of the week.

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  12. “There are lessons only experience can teach” I cannot get those words out of my head because it is so true and something have never thought about.

    You’re very right in this amazing post (as usual) when I make the they are not all like that statement, some people simply blow if off due to experience or witnessed circumstances..

    Great post and a very true one Nedoux

    Hope this information reaches alot of people that need to read it

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    1. Hi Funke,

      Thank you so much for reading this and sharing your insightful thoughts.

      There are instances where experience lends credence to one’s point of view, otherwise it becomes a watery argument based on probable expectations of one’s reaction.

      Indeed, they can’t all be like that. The implication of that assumption is rather unpleasant. 😀

      Have a lovely rest-of-the-week.

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  13. Wow! The phenomena descriptive and expressive are being stingy with this very moment. So I will rather say thou art simply amaaaazing!!

    The way you work magic with words is enthralling, I was just wondering if you are a chef, peeps won’t mind being on a long queue with their ties and stilletos just to have a taste of your pudding.

    I love color blue too and I love the dress too.


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    1. Hi Immanuel,

      Ah, your compliment is like a bowl of delicious vanilla flavoured frozen yoghurt topped with yummy cranberries. You are far too kind, thank you! XD

      Lol @ “ties and stilettos”. Now you’ve put the idea in my head, I might just open a mama-put joint.

      I appreciate the support, God bless you!

      Best wishes for the new month and the rest of the week.

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  14. What can I say, Nedoux?
    You are phenomenal. Your writing is such a breath of fresh air. See me devouring every line as though they were decadent slices of coconut pie.
    Yes, they are NOT all like that.
    This would be the first time I see aso-oke made into something wearable and it looks gorgeous. Love the sky blue colour.
    Have a great weekend, phenomenal lady!

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    1. Hey Precious Lady!

      You give the best compliments, thank you so much. Ah, coconut pie is always a good idea. XD

      Indeed they aren’t. That generalisation is a rather lazy attempt at explaining bad behaviour.

      I discovered something interesting while sewing, aso-oke isn’t as hard to sew as I’d envisaged. It’s a truly beautiful fabric, I’m glad I put this one to good use.

      Have a lovely week, my dear.


    1. Hello Dami

      Thank you so much for your kind compliment, it put a smile on my face. Ah, my couture eforts haven’t yet earned the glorious prefix “haute”. 😀

      An interesting ready-to-wear collection is in the pipeline, fingers (and toes) crossed. Lol

      Best wishes for both the new month and new week.


    1. Hi Lady Idu,

      Indeed, there are times when experience supports one’s argument regarding a situation.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I love the colour too, it’s a happy hue. 🙂

      Best wishes for the new week.


  15. What a gorgeous piece. You certainly took this to another level. I can’t help chuckling at the eating the shit with cutlery. Sadly, when lies are perpetuated for centuries they begin to gain the reputation of truth. I hate seeing shit not to talk of eating it!

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    1. Thank you Sis,

      Beneath mothers’ boxes lie hidden fabric gems, this aso-oke was a nice discovery.

      Oh! You put this so beautifully, “when lies are perpetuated for centuries they begin to gain the reputation of truth. I couldn’t have articulated this any better.

      I hate the sight of shit too. XD

      I sincerely appreciate your insightful comment, have a very happy weekend!

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  16. Wow, role model 🙌🏾🙌🏾. You just tastefully wove you the ‘shit’ tale with the dressmaking one.

    Hmmm, shit taking and the self imposed burden of justifying its tastefulness.

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    1. Hey Tony!

      *blushing* Now I have a toothache, from chewing your sweet words. XD

      For some reason “shit tale” made me laugh. Ah, some lies are just plain shitty, no sugar coating required.

      Indeed, “self imposed”, for if one must spoon-feed themselves or be spoon-fed by others (as the case may be), they must find reasons to keep opening their mouths to continue eating.

      I really enjoyed your comment, thank you so much.

      Have a lovely rest-of-the-week.

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  17. Oh my Nedu! This is so lovely. anytime i come on here i get wowed with your sewing as well as your writing skills. You are good with what you do.

    Congrats on the feature on BellaNaija and the NSC even though i couldn’t get to be part of it

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  18. Nedu!!!! enjoying the post… And that reply as to what you would do I can so relate with that you really do not know what you would do in some certain situation until you get there. And the dress… wow!!! I like the way you pay attention to details it blows me away. You go girl….

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    1. Hi Seyi,

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post. The way I see it, one who has not experienced a situation isn’t fully equipped to jump into conclusions regarding it or be absolutely certain about their reaction to it.

      Ah, I must confess that the attention to detail is like a gift to myself. 😀

      Thank you so much for the continuos support, it really means a lot to me.

      Best wishes!


  19. Honestly, you inspire me. First of all, this outfit is so gorgeous. And you’re so right about the whole shit business. Some people will accept all forms of rubbish just because “that’s how it is”. May God not allow us to eat shit oh, cutlery or not.

    Great post as usual Nedu. I should come take writing lessons from you though.🙌

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    1. Hi Evita,

      “Inspire” is such a kind word, I sincerely appreciate this. Likewise, comments like yours inspire me to do better.

      I agree, people accept unsavoury behaviour complacently simply because “that’s how it is”. Amen! XD

      Lol @ “writing lessons”. You write beautifully my dear.

      Enjoy the rest of the week.


    1. Hi Timi,

      Thank you so much for your kind compliment. 🙂

      Indeed, it takes guts to break free from herd mentality and decide to stick with one’s own beliefs.

      Have a great week.

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  20. Nedu!!!!

    I hope to have the patience to one day sew this kind of elaborate piece! For now I’ll just stick to my off shoulders 😂😂

    Your writing is excellent! You should probably do a writing workshop too!

    Your work is amazing.
    Love love! ❤️❤️

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    1. Hi dear,

      Ah, the patience comes with practice and the effort pays off in the end. My fingers are still numb though. XD

      Your off-shoulder piece is very stylish, I hope you share more DIY tutorials like that one.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, now I’m inspired to write even better.

      Have a lovely week!


  21. Ah Nedoux! You know how alive your writing can be,allowing the reader the rare luxury of creating live images of the subject you choose to dissect. Bet why??? Why shit? I could smell it, taste it…euuuugggghhhh… and then you took me right out of the disgust to something beautiful, to a deeper truth, to reality and then to creativity.

    This journey was a roller coaster but I loved every bit of it and you are one helluva gifted woman.

    Well done.

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    1. Hi Lady,

      Lol… Ah, some lies are just as disgusting as shit is, hence the comparison. Infidelity should not be covered with this “comprehensive umbrella”, because one is a certain way does not mean all are that same way.

      I sincerely appreciate your kind support, Flo. 🙂

      I wish you happiness this week!


  22. I still marvel at how you effortlessly transitioned from one story shrouded in bitter ugly-truth to another somewhat sweet truth.

    Your aso-oke and oraganza creation is truly beautiful (y)

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    1. Hi Oyinlola,

      Thank you so much, I try to connect my musings and sewing. Sometimes, the fabric even inspires the article. 😀

      Have a lovely week!


    1. Hi Toby,

      Ah, your comment has made me so happy. 😀

      Thank you so much dear!

      You should try it, the sewing process is quite straightforward, it simply requires patience and attention to detail. I know you’ll succeed at sewing it brilliantly.

      Have a lovely week.

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  23. One definitely needs to take time reading your posts! I tried to do so as the first line drew me in, but I was in the middle of struggling with an excel spreadsheet and that didn’t just work. So i came back! Lol. Well written.Very well written.

    And the inside of the dress looks soo pretty!! But the all blue rocks. Wish I were around to attend the sewing class!
    8 Interesting Types of Dancers You’ll Find at a Nigerian Wedding Party

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    1. Hi Kachee,

      Ah, I get carried away when I start writing. It’s a lot of words but the intended message lounges cosily underneath it all . 😀

      I love, love, love the inside of the dress, pink is my favourite colour.

      Thank you so much dear.

      Have a great week!


  24. Awww, really love your dress…

    I don’t know if you do YouTube, but just in case you do, and you haven’t come across the channel ‘coolirpa’, I think you should go check her out. She’s just as awesome as you with her sewing.

    And as always, beautiful writing 👌🏾

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    1. Hi Toeseen,

      Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Ah, I will definitely check out Coolirpa’s channel on YT, thank you for sharing this.

      Have a happy weekend. 🙂

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  25. YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS to the outfit! You’re so talented!

    And as for the post… well, *ahem* warn me next time please. I was hiding my eyes behind my hands the whole time :p You are right though, a lot of people become accustomed to BS in the name of “all of ______ are like that.”

    Like you said though, you can’t really say how you’ll react in a situation unless you’re in that situation.

    Berry Dakara Blog

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    1. Hey Berry,

      I sincerely appreciate your kind compliment. 🙂

      Lol… Awww sorry, but it is what it is. This complacent indulgence that’s sometimes influenced by herd mentality. Simply because all think so, one must think the same, unquestioning?

      I agree with you, experience customizes each individual’s reaction to a particular situation.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

      Have a nice weekend.


  26. The designs are beautiful and so unique I want to set up my sewing room – now! Your writing my dear Nedoux is powerful, genuine and grand slams the point out of the part. Not gonna lie, I gagged reading, but I couldn’t stop – it’s all good.

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    1. Hi Roo,

      Thank you so much for your kind compliment, you should set up! 😀

      Lol. @ “gagged”. Awww, I used it as an analogy for lies that are wrongly used to excuse bad behaviour.

      Have a lovely weekend.


      1. I understood you clearly. That’s why I couldn’t stop reading. It is genuinely great writing. As for setting up – we have much work to do first – so my roommates two old, long haired cats don’t mysteriously vanish 😀 Jacqueline should be publishing my bio soon. If you see it, the four little boys pictured are wearing suits I made for them. I didn’t knit their socks. Just sayin. Be blessed!


    1. Hi Denike,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words.

      Funny how there are certain details of a garment that only a fellow dressmaker would notice. 😀

      Ah, that striking blue is like a thunder bolt of happiness.

      Have a lovely weekend!

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  27. Hon this is OrganZa ExtravaganZA! Looove that shade of blue and dont you love it when we pull gems from our mama’s closets and they let us keep ’em.
    This outfit is soooo timeless and can be passed down for generations.
    I am awful with sewing/design terms but I like the erm, pattern sticking out thingy on the skirt and the fringe is fab. Shimmy Baby!
    Have a gd wkend ahead ( :

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    1. Hi Biki,

      “OrganZa ExtravaganZA” Oh, I love the word play! It has a nice ring to it. 😀

      I know right, there a gems hidden at the bottom of mother’s boxes.

      @ “pattern sticking out thingy” cracked me up majorly, Lol. Thank you so much for your delightful comment.

      Have a super happy weekend!


    1. Hi Chic B,

      Me too, I’m glad I used the plain side of the fabric for the exterior.

      I sincerely appreciate your kind words. 🙂

      Have a super weekend.


    1. Hi Dami,

      Indeed we do, based on our respective BS thresholds.

      Ah, they are not, no point tucking them all into one large bed with the same old blanket, or else it might be misconstrued as an indirect excuse (permission) to go forth and sow wild oats.

      Thank you so much for reading this. Yes, it is such a happy shade of blue. 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend.


  28. Oh nedoux, i havent bn so “in the mood” today but this post made me smile right from the beginning. You are really good at this thing fr.

    The way you link words, One word, LIT.

    I like the part where you said Yu probably wont eat the shit atall. Because at the end of the day cheating (or any other life situation) is differently handled by everyone.

    Your outfit is absolutely gorg btw!

    The “eating shit” thing reminds me of the movie. The Help. If shit is well packaged and garnished you wont even know its shit. Hahaah

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    1. Hi Fadeke,

      Lol… I’m happy that this brightened your mood.

      You are absolutely correct, life situations, cheating included, are handled differently by people. There really isn’t any one-size fits all reaction/response starter kit.

      I watched ‘The Help’, that line is golden. 🙂

      Thank you so much for stopping by.

      Have a happy weekend.

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    1. Hi Esther,

      Thank you so much.

      I highly recommend reading it slowly, that way the message within might become better understood. 🙂

      Enjoy the rest of the week.

      Liked by 1 person

  29. You’re great at this thing! I love the transformation. Beautiful.
    PS: your vocabulary and the way you express yourself is like butter when it touches a hot knife
    PPS: Saw your feature on Bellanaija and I was squealing like yaaaaas! That’s my FRIEND Nedoux… Yes friend 😁
    Cheers girl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Seember my dear friend!

      The moment you connect so wonderfully with a person via words they become your friend, it’s that simple. 😀

      Thank you so much, you are far too kind. Ah, the thought of yummy butter has now made me crave fresh, sliced bread.

      Lol @ squealing, I squealed too when I saw that it had been published on BN.

      Best wishes.


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