See, it got real when I clocked 30. It was a defining moment, a eureka-esque moment, an ok-this-is-me- just-as-I-am moment. The day when the not-so-little voice in my head yelled “This is my life. I have to live the best version of my life from here on, so help me God”.

I’ve pretty much found my life’s rhythm since my 30th birthday. It’s passionately sublime (can I even say that?)

Well, this is not about me! The Nedoux Sewing Club’s 30th one-day sewing workshop holds in a few days, and I amazed at my own consistency month after month after month. Running a business has taught me patience, perseverance and humour-whether-or-not-I-like-it.

I actually love who I’ve become over the course of the last 30 months convening the NSC Sewing workshops.

Of course we celebrate with delightful giveaways! I’m pretty much smitten with Instagram these days (it’s so easy to deal with), so that’s where you’ll find the party! >> @nedouxsews


And this!

Of course this!

And more to come… Here’s to another 30!

Thankfully me,


    1. Hello,

      Lol @ “on this table”.

      Btw, this post wasn’t about my birthday o. I held my 30th sewing workshop on the 15th of December 2018.

      I hope you had a good birthday? 😁

      Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely week!

      Liked by 1 person

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