If you’ve always been curious about the sewing craft, then Assewciate” would be a great place to start your skills journey.

You’ll also benefit from this event if you’ve attended a sewing class in the past, and have some knowledge about sewing or have already been sewing for a while.

You would be motivated when you connect with other DIY sewing enthusiasts. Plus you’d learn from the impactful talk sessions by guest speakers across diverse professions – Fashion Design, Media, Healthcare, Social Development, PR & Communications and Business.  The experience would be fun in a robust way!

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Guest Speakers

NSC Assewciate Tolu Bally



About the Nedoux Sewing Club

It all started as a blog to showcase personal sewing projects, fusing both well thought out musings and the construction process in an engaging manner that made sewing appear both fun and doable.

The inspiration came from the desire to promote the DIY ethic, especially because it encourages self-sufficiency and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Lead Instructor- ‘Nedu Ahanonu, is a trained garment pattern engineer and dressmaker. Following numerous emails requesting for sewing-related advice, she decided to transition from simply writing about dressmaking skills to also convening a live class, and launched the Nedoux Sewing Club in July 2016.

The NSC has held 39 sewing workshops till date and trained over 400 participants so far.

Best wishes!