Passion for Fashion

A friend of mine told me he’d seen my blog and thought it was fashion themed, I shook my head in amusement as I write mostly about my musings and DIY sewing. “But you pose for photographs in the clothes you make”.  Yes I do, in a smiley-human-clothes hanger sort of way.

Well, when I want to read about fashion trends, I dash over to Biki John’s because she speaks fashionese intelligently and has a true passion for fashion (yes, it rhymes nicely).  From her witty posts, which are delightful to read, it is obvious that she enjoys what she does.

She’s a cheer leader for African fashion who believes that it should not be defined by prints alone. I agree, just because a garment is made from Ankara print fabric doesn’t make it African, same way rice that’s simply been boiled in tomato sauce is NOT automatically Party Jollof Rice.  It only earns bonafide PJR status after being a burnt offering on the firewood altar.