Doux  [french]
Pronunciation: [doo]
Definition: [adj] – sweet, soft, gentle, mild.

I believe these words are synonymous with what femininity naturally represents.

I believe ‘Style’ is soft and sweetly embraces one’s figure.
 Sign (nay.doo)


  1. Okay I think you have in me a new stalker at the moment 😀 I love your blog already. Has a warmth feeling and I feel at home. I feel like I could just grab a cup of hot tea and biscuit and spend my time here. That’s how warm your blog feels.

    I’ve always loved to sew but I think I just never got around to doing it. Maybe with your blog, I would learn a few things. I remember when you were on wordpress and I checked through your site. I quickly followed cos I knew someday you would come in handy for me. Thanks darling for stopping by my site. Hopefully, we beat each other to it. I enjoyed reading your comment and I’ll be looking through your archives.

    Stalker alert..wink wink**

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    1. I am sincerely grateful for your kind words. Lol, Ah! The stalking feeling is 100% mutual, your blog is full of depth and with very enriching content.

      I’ve learned that it’s one thing to write, it’s another thing for the intended audience to find it interesting enough to read 🙂

      I am actually still hosted on WordPress, I only purchased a domain name.

      I do hope you feel even more inspired to learn about sewing, it’s an awfully nice skill.


  2. Heyyy!!! I really like the blog idea… It would certainly be useful to pple like me who can’t seem to get a grasp on any thing concerning a needle and thread. Also it would be nice to learn about your very well put together style 🙂 ….thanks Nedoux

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