Sewing Club


Thank you so much for your interest. The Nedoux Sewing Club holds one-day practical workshops designed for beginners who wish to acquire sewing skills.

By the end of the practical workshop, each participant would be taught the construction process of staple garments and would successfully sew a complete garment using an electric sewing machine.

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About the Nedoux Sewing Club 

It all started as a blog where I’d showcase my personal sewing projects and write about both my musings and the construction process in an engaging manner that made sewing appear both fun and doable.

The inspiration came from the desire to promote the DIY ethic, especially because it encourages self-sufficiency and an entrepreneurial spirit.  I’ve always been good with my hands and thoroughly enjoy processes that gradually come together to produce something useful, so I enrolled in a professional training  course in pattern drafting and dressmaking  a few years ago.

Following numerous emails requesting for sewing-related advice, I decided to transition from simply writing about my dressmaking skills to also convening a live class, and launched the Nedoux Sewing Club in July 2016.

I’m delighted to inform you that the NSC has held 17 sewing workshops till date and trained nearly 300 participants so far.







Nedoux Sewing Club - CnC

Nedoux Sewing Club July 2016


With a sprinkle of passion and a drop of determination, a crafty skill could blossom into beautiful beginnings.

 “O Lord, bless the work of my hands”