DIY sewing project

Half of a yellow sun

Colours are able to lift the mood and create an ambience, sunny yellow is most definitely the king of mood lifters and always makes me happy.

So, are you stuck in 2 hours of snail-pace traffic on Third mainland bridge? Yellow!! . Did PHCN (with)hold power for 2 weeks? Hello Yellow!! . FRSC caught you with an invalid driver’s license? Mellow Yellow!!  (erm…take forced enthusiasm with several pinches of salt).


Midi-length full skirts are trendy now, it’s lovely how the silhouette is oh so lady like and grown-up chic.


Knotty girl


Looks like rocket science, no?

There are 23 pattern pieces in this garment jigsaw puzzle which I drafted by myself. The knotted design on the bodice of this two-piece dress was inspired by a Japanese Pattern Magician. I don’t own any of the books, but Carolyn’s version motivated me to figure out the architecture.