Pinked seam

Beauty, Beholders and the Beheld

I am always tickled when I hear quips along the lines of “Oh! women make so much effort to attract men, ‘work-of-art’ make-up on their faces, super sleek weaves, fingernails long enough to pin Jesus to the cross all over again.  Ah! if only they knew, that we men don’t even notice. We can’t tell the difference between yaki or brazilian weave. Red lipstick looks like a frightful bloody gash on their lips. And, how oh how! do they type or get anything else done with those talons?”

Ah! If only you knew, that half the time, other women are our intended audience. The thing is, only a woman would appreciate the tangle-free ease of quality hair weaves. Or how red lipstick sometimes adds swag to one’s stride and brightens one’s face regardless of their mood. Or how the clickity-clickity-clickity-click sound of long nails striking a keyboard is rather delightful to our own ears, it adds an unexplainable thrill to our “computer-computer” jobs. 😉


Like the lady who politely stopped me the other day and asked “Ruby Woo, right?”  When I replied (more…)