African hair threading


There’s wisdom in picking your competition shrewdly, my spine bone will testify to this.

I once lived in an Asian country.  I decided that I wanted something to do in the evenings after work, preferably an activity that killed two birds with one stone- entertained me and kept my body fit.  So, I signed up for yoga classes, because I’d always been curious about it. I liked the idea of Yoga, besides, a regular gym was oh! so basic (I love how bourgie that sounds).

African Hair threading

Ok, I’ll confess. The truth is that the treadmill actually looked like a weapon of torture to me. I was quite intimidated by it. How fast would it go? Would I stay on it? Would I fly off it? Many questions that have now been answered since I finally stepped on one 8 months ago.

I still remember my friend’s remarks upon learning that I’d signed up for the classes.


Style, Trend & Validation

Hello, first post of the year! Yes, life happens and sucks one into a crazy whirlwind of busy-ness.

It’s interesting how a hairstyle can instantly transform one’s appearance and influence other people’s perceptions about one’s character, personality or lifestyle.


Hair Threading

Recently, I became bored with weaves, braids and corn-rows.  I also started going to the gym five (more…)